MATHILDE WALTER CLARKis a writer of novels, short stories and essays. Her most recent publications include the novels Cast (2012) and Priapus (2010), the short story collection Grim Stories (2011) and a genre-bending art book, Patron Wanted (2013), which documents her year-long performance of the same name via e-mails, letters, photos and film. Her short fiction has appeared in Iowa Review, Absinthe, Chattanooga Review and The Literary Review. She is a columnist in the literature section of Information. In 2006 she was awarded the prestigious Three Year Scholarship from the Danish Art Foundation for “her obvious literary talent”. Her father is American, her mother Danish. She lives in Copenhagen, where she is currently at work on her next book.

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Chapters 1-3 of Priapus translated from the Danish by Martin Aitken for download


2016. Imaginary Objects. One-of-a-kind Artist's Book made for Swatch Art Peace Hotel.
2013. Mæcen søges. (Patron Wanted). E-book. Performance, documentary, art, literature. Forlaget Tinsoldat.
2012. Gips. (Cast). Novel. Politikens Forlag.
2011. Grumme historier. (Grim Stories). Short stories. Samlerens Forlag.
2010. Priapus. En forførerhistorie. (Priapus. A Don Juan Story). Novel. Samlerens Forlag.
2005. Tingenes uorden. (Disorder of Things). Short stories, Samlerens Forlag.
2004. Thorsten Madsens Ego. (Thorsten Madsen’s Ego). Novel. Samlerens Forlag.
1996. Er strudsen en rigtig fugl?. (Is the Ostrich a Real Bird?). Co-written with Søren Lind.
Non-fiction. Gyldendal.


2015 The Ambassador in Asymptote journal for translated fiction.
2014. “Report from the Flatlands of Statistics". Essay. Los Angeles Review of Books. June 29.
2013. "A Couple of Points Concerning the Potential Weakness of Spermatozoa". Other Places. The Sangam House Reader - Vol. 2 (Ed. Arshia Sattar, DW Gibson and Rahul Soni).
2012. "The Fish Shop Owner’s Wife". Short story. Discoveries: New Writing from The Iowa Review.
2011. "The Disappearance of Things". Chattanooga Review.
2008. "From The Trash Can of Poetry". The Literary Review. Spring issue.
2008. "The Writer". Absinthe: New European Writing. Short story. Issue #9.
2007. "Thank You For The River". Short story. Connotations. Fall issue.
2007. "The Fish Shop Owner’s Wife". Short story. Iowa Review. Fall issue.

2013. Gips. (Norwegian). Novel. Vigmostad & Bjørke. Norway.
2013. "Rasmus Rask". (Bulgarian). Short story. Roboread. Bulgaria.
2011. Priapus. (Norwegian). Novel. Piratforlaget. Norway.
2011. "Aeeeiii Eiiiaaa". (Chinese). Short story. Park Literary Review. China.
2009. "Aeeeiii Eiiiaaa". (German). Nachtlandschaften. Neue nordische Novellen III. Ed. Christine Nickel und Tilo Freitag. Saxa Verlag. Berlin. Germany.

2006. The Three Year Scholarship from The Danish Arts Foundation
2007. Rosinante & Co’s Honorary Grant
2005. Discovery of the Year in Literature. Carlsberg Foundation

100W Corsicana, Texas, USA, 2018
Swatch Art Peace Hotel. Shanghai. 2016
CMI Arts Fellowship, Chennai Mathematical Institute. Writer-In-Residence. 2015.
OMI. Ledig House. New York. USA. 2013.
International Writer’s Workshop. Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. 2011.
Sangam House. Bangalore. India. 2010 - 2011.
Hawthornden International Retreat for Writers, Scotland. 2009.
Scandinavian Art House in Rome, Italy. 2009.
Island Institute. Sitka, Alaska, USA. 2006.
Honorary Fellow in Writing. International Writing Program, University of Iowa. 2006.
San Cataldo. Amalfi, Italy. 2006.
Biskops Arnö, Stockholm. Sweden. 2005.
Hald Hovedgaard. Denmark. 2004, 2005.

2013. TV2 (national broadcast). Regular talk show panelist.
2012. Odense International Film Festival. National jury member.
2012 - 2014. TV Lorry (regional broadcast). Regular panelist talk show, cultural affairs.
2009. DR (Danish National Broadcast Cooperation).Seven Minds: a philosophical TV documentary on the personal quest of becoming yourself. Seven episodes. Writer, host.
2008 - 2011. Den Blå Port. Danish literary review. Editor.
2004 - 2012. Regular columnist at a number of newspapers and magazines, including daily paper MetroXpress and magazine Alt for Damerne.
1990 - 1991. El Estudio, cartoon studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Volunteer.
1987. Comicaze, cartoon studio, Copenhagen. Co-founder and member.

2016: The Danish Consul's residence, Shanghai, China.
2016: Nordic Centre, Fudon University, Shanghai, China
2015: Gimli, Háskóli Islands, Reykjavik, Island
2015: Chennai Mathematical Institute. Chennai, India.
2015: Artist's Centre, Ador House, Rampart Row. Bombay, India.
2015: TARQ Art Gallery. Bombay, India.
2014: Ingensted. Oslo, Norge.
2013. Marianne Courville Gallery. Hudson, New York, USA.
2013. The Chatnam Bookstore, Chatnam, New York, USA.
2011. Fringe Club, Hong Kong, China.
2011. The Bookworm. Bookstore. Beijing, China.
2011. Remnin University, China.
2011. City University. Hong Kong, China.
2011. Hong Kong Baptist University, China.
2011. Crossword, Bookstore, Bangalore, India.
2011. Oslo Bokfestival, Norway.
2010. First Tinos International Literary Festival. Tinos, Greece.
2009. Scandinavian Art House. Rome, Italy.
2006. Public Library. Sitka, Alaska, USA.
2006. Rotary Club. Sitka, Alaska, USA.
2006. Prarie Lights, Bookstore, Iowa City, Iowa.
2006. Public Library, Iowa City, Iowa.
2006. Cornell College, Iowa.
2006. Central Acadamy, Iowa City.
2004. Biskops Arnö. Stockholm, Sweden.

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