Werner Herzog

"Mildly - in some cases - I am in favour of censorship. If I could be the only censor in the committee."

"I could never explain what the metaphor is about. But I know it is big."
- [om den dansende kylling i slutningen af Stroszek].

"There is life and life and life and then suddenly you stumble upon somebody who makes it all transparent".

"When people say: you have to be flies on the wall, I say: NO. We have to be hornets and go out and sting."

"Your job [as documentary filmmakers] is to create the reality that is most interesting."

"'The fly on the wall' is bogus orthodoxy. You'll miss an opportunity to learn something of the human soul."

"As if facts constitute truths!" [hånlatter].

"The garbage is proportionally the same among female directors and male".

"There are projects out there coming toward me with great vehemence. It is like if you wake up at night and there are five burglars in your kitchen and one of them swings at you wildly. So you better deal with him first."

"I swear to God: I was not looking for a film project. I was looking for my car keys."

"Initiative is the king of our game. Of course paralleled with intense criminal energy and other qualities."

"We have to divorce ourselves from journalism."

"'Win if you can, loose if you must, but always cheat'."
- [WH fiterer Jesse Ventura]

"Bureaucracy is the enemy of filmmaking. It is an enemy of culture, in fact."

"'The finest poetry is the most failing'."
[WH citerer Shakespeare]

"We are better than the news."

"Contract? I want to right hook you under your arm and take you right into poetry. I want to dismiss you with poetry. This is my contract with you: I take you under your arm and we walk into something vast."

"There is this obsession that women characters has to be spoken with a female voice."

"I set out to find out: is there such thing as insanity among animals?"

"The best scene I shot in my life: I threw it out. You have to stick to flow."

"Give the audience some space. Not rattle rattle rattle."